Trusted with over $1 billion in marketing spend worldwide.


Who Am I?

I am a growth marketer specializing in helping brands connect with customer emotions. I amplify brand value by matching it with the desires of the market, and by placing intelligent ads to target customers effectively.

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“Logan is a relentless creative force filled with endless innovative ideas.”

— Tim ferriss, 4-Hour workweek


I’m Working On..

Three things fill my days with challenge and fulfillment…

  1. Consulting & servicing high-growth companies on their marketing and advertising strategies.

  2. Building technologies that solve real business problems and promote productive automation.

  3. Helping leaders and their workers find their purpose through their vision of the future.

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My Vision

To help creators find their consumers by making business interactions easier, smarter, safer, and more authentic.

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Join the Movement…

If you are looking to innovate, launch your own startup, or simply be involved in something bigger than yourself, please inquire for information on the ‘Logan Lends’ Program.

This program places future entrepreneurs in prosperous opportunities designed specifically around areas of interest and skill sets.

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