February's 30 Day Challenge: Cook Better

January's 30 Day Challenge of Coding everyday is coming to an end today. It was very successful. I learned so many new tricks and built a few functioning applications that I hope to expand on further over the next few months. It was sometimes difficult to find the time to review some of the lessons I told myself I would do some of the days, but I even laid in bed with my iPad and headphones a few times to make it happen.

I'm glad to see that January's challenge was such a success for me. It has created a new habit for me that I will continue to fulfill. I won't go through exercises everyday anymore, but I will continue to learn something new about coding at least on a weekly basis.

But that brings us to February's challenge. For the next 28 days, I will be going through the "Feast: Bootcamp," which within itself, is its own 30 day challenge to become a better cook. There will be daily lessons, occasional recipes that I will test out, and hopefully a happy wife that won't take advantage of my culinary skills too much.

I look forward to reporting on my progress at the end of February.