January's 30 Day Challenge: Code Every Day

I lead with this brief TED talk from Google's Matt Cutts about trying something new for 30 days straight. The concept is that if you force yourself to do something every day for a month, you'll easily convert it into a habit.

I've decided to challenge myself in 2014 to learn new skills, improve old ones, and simply become an even more well-rounded contributor to the world.

I've recently laid out over a dozen monthly initiatives that I will take a crack at over the year. I'm not going to spoil the fun by listing them here yet, but I will use this post to announce what I will be doing throughout January.

January's 30 Day Challenge: Code Every Day

With the help of Treehouse and Codecademy, I will be improving my geeky skills by learning new tricks and just brushing up on some of the old.

My end goal for the month is to hack my way through a new project by the end of the year. The project could be a new website or it could be an app that I was able to work on completely myself.

I look forward to getting started on my first 30 Day Challenge tomorrow. I'll update on my progress here accordingly throughout the month.