April's 30 Day Challenge: Play the Guitar

March's 30 Day Challenge of learning to trade penny stocks everyday came to an end yesterday. It was very successful. I learned a ton of strategies and tactics from Timothy Sykes and will continue to subscribe to his lessons and updates moving forward.

The great part about making a 30 day challenge be focused around learning is that you can often always read and/or watch/listen to learning materials wherever you are and whatever you are doing. This month, for example, I leveraged my iPad and watched many of Tim's training videos while laying in bed before falling asleep. Convenience is key when you're trying to improve your life.

So that brings us to April's challenge. For the next 30 days, I will be messing around on my guitar everyday, watching advanced training videos online, and writing some songs. As some of you know, I've always been musical, but have been a predominantly a drummer my whole life. While I can mess around on other instruments such as the guitar, I've always wanted to get better. So here us my opportunity to get closer to becoming Dave Grohl.

I look forward to learning some new tricks and just creating music again in general. I do hope that this exercise leads to enough songs to release some sort of record in the future, but more information will follow about that in the coming months.