March's 30 Day Challenge: Penny Stock Trading

February's 30 Day Challenge of cooking everyday is coming to an end today. It was very successful. I learned so many new slicing and dicing techniques and have a few cuts on my fingers to prove it. I hope to continue cooking as often as possible to expand my skills throughout the rest of my life. Of course sometimes like gets in the way of doing something as laborious as cooking every night, but if I wasn't hands-on in the kitchen on any given day,  I would make sure I would read about techniques that night instead. Either way, I was doing something that was making me perform better in the kitchen - and that's what is important.

So that brings us to March's challenge. For the next 31 days, I will be going through the "Timothy Sykes Penny Stock Challenge," which within itself, is a long-winded series of lessons that can become a lifestyle. I would be laughed at if I believed I would become an expert penny stock trader after the next 30 days conclude, but I am hopeful that I will be well on my way to understanding the space and the trading tactics that work so well.

There will be daily video lessons, trade alerts from Tim, and hopefully some minor testing of my own with real money before March is over.

Disclaimer: I am already a well-versed investor, but have never aggressively sought penny stock trading. I've recently observed the space from afar and quickly became interested in the risk/reward properties and the associated techniques.

I look forward to reporting on my progress at the end of March.