Why Should You Use PVC Strip Curtains

One of the wisest moves to increase energy efficiency in an industrial environment is to minimise the loss of it. More and more people today are opting for PVC strip curtains for this job. While on one hand the correctly tailored PVC strip curtains reduce energy loss, on the other hand it also brings down the risk of air-borne contamination in storage and manufacturing units. Plus, installing PVC strip curtains is also a great way to contribute to the environment. This is because, the lesser energy your business consumes, the lesser greenhouse gas will it emit. In a world where global warming is the topic of much discussions, debates, and concerns, installing PVC strip curtains can be your way to make a difference to the world at large.

When you install PVC strip curtains in your manufacturing site, warehouse, or laboratories, you can expect a host of benefits. The first among them is to combine the twin advantages of locking the temperature conditions in a room while at the same time allowing easy passage between these rooms.

PVC strip curtains are like mere partitions that separate two sections or areas. This helps people to move in and out of a room easily without disturbing the physical condition of the environment.

As mentioned earlier, PVC strip curtains are an excellent resource for saving energy. They do this by preventing both heat loss and heat gain. They have very low thermal conductivity which helps them in locking the inside temperature within an enclosed area.

This means a temperature control device, say inside a cold storage, will not have to work harder in order to keep a constant temperature. This in turn will reduce electricity consumption and contribute to a better environment.

In manufacturing units or at places where everything has to be closely monitored to prevent any health hazards, putting up PVC strip curtains is a great idea. These can hold pollutants and ensure a healthy environment.

PVC strip curtains are also rustproof, durable, and chemical resistant. This makes them suitable for use in a number of applications. However, care should be taken to see that it is properly trimmed according to the height and width of the door.

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Written by Michelle White for Industrial Door Engineering.