Why I'm "Waking Up" Socially

It all started on October 24, 2007. That's when I joined Twitter and entered into the obsession of what was soon to be called "social media." I was so emotionally invested in its potential, that I even directed my agency to become an "organic" marketing boutique firm. We had already focused on SEO, but this new frontier of posting updates - now that's exciting! I don't need to go through the entire story of how several years later, I started to cringe at all the "social media experts" popping up around me. It was obvious that this was something with no barriers to entry. This allowed anyone with a Facebook account to become a marketer. I didn't want to get caught up in that.

That's why, a few years ago, I abruptly stopped participating in social media activity. I joined Twitter and Facebook early because nobody had it. Now that everybody had it, I wanted to be the salmon and be "too cool" to post anything. If you visit my many feeds, you'll solely see self-promotional blog posts and business advice. I figured that was the minimum I had to do to at least "exist" socially since I have somewhat of a professional obligation to do so.

After a lengthy vacation and subsequent brainstorming on the future of technology, communication, and my personal brand, I have decided to fall back into the crowd. At this point, I've lost my personality and have seemingly missed a great deal of business opportunities from it.

I'm now a consultant, startup mentor, and angel investor. If I don't get out there socially, I might miss out on being a part of something big. I can't have that.

So, here's to a new start for my personal brand on social sites. You'll see more personal tweets, updates, pictures, and possibly some videos popping up occasionally. To consume this content firsthand, be sure to follow me on all of the following sites:

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Aside from the main ones, you inevitably will be able to find me as @loganlenz on any and all networks that exist.

I'll see you out there on the web!