When Modern Meets Classic

What's the perfect equation?

All of the best stories incorporate opposites of some kind, most often being good vs evil.

Some lovers might claim that opposites attract. Just research 'Yin and Yang' on the science behind that.

So for business and/or marketing, how do these principles measure up? Is there an important takeaway to consider?

Let's analyze a website that we will call "buy a house in bedford stuyvesant" for all intensive purposes. Click on the link and take a look at the website. What is the first thing that you notice?

Whether intentional or not, the website possesses a strategic outlook on selling to their demographic. For example, you'll first notice that the overall layout of the site isn't very web 2.0 (or newer), yet the images of the products being sold (the houses) are of extremely clean and modern places.

Extrapolating this observation further leaves us with a sales tactic that we should all acknowledge as web marketers.

Market to YOUR demographic. Just because a customer might be into a cleaner tangible look of a house doesn't mean they have exposure to web 2.0 aesthetics.

I hope these findings will help you when designing your next website.