What Does a Photocopier Even Do?

Think about the term "photocopier" for a minute. I wasn't there when it was first introduced, but one should probably assume that it was designed to "copy photos." Was this a general naming process or were people expected to take a photo and make copies on these large machines?

As time went on, the photocopier evolved into what most people refer to as "copy machines." The printer on my desk serves this function as a 3-in-1 device offering me printing, scanning, and copying functions. Although, I try to avoid using the machine altogether (I hate wasting paper and killing trees), it's inevitable that I will have to print contracts and work with those that still don't understand the concept behind digital signatures.

It's those older executives that still call copy machines photocopiers and ask that ask their Secretaries to make hundreds of copies of some document that should be passed around the entire office. I have an idea... what about an email instead?

I'll close with a plug for a great online office supply store called "Online Connect" in the UK. If you're one of the older executives that can't get enough of the value that new photocopiers generate for your office, Online Connect is offering a plethora of options for 70% off.

I'll send you an email about it.... Tssssss...