What Did You Do in 2010?

It's always fun to look back and assess a year gone by. What did I accomplish? Did I get closer to my goals? Did I achieve any of those goals?

For me, 2010 was the best year of my life. Amongst my highlights were getting engaged, getting married, traveling a lot, and building my businesses.


  • I attended Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas and met a lot of amazing people.
  • I took blogging more seriously.
  • I officially launched a successful Consumer Report publication.


  • Endagon launched EndagonTV to help new online videos go viral.
  • I felt the need to blog more about music through Musicsmaster.com.
  • I sold a domain name for a lot of money.


  • I visited California for the first time in my life and loved it.
  • Endagon launched the on-site SEO service called SiteStagers.com.
  • I got engaged!


  • Endagon launched the brand behind the upcoming conference called TECHnically Music.
  • Endagon saw the success of Songclash.com take place.
  • The MLB season started (I love baseball).


  • I started working on a TBD project that should be released in early 2011 (Stay tuned!)
  • I publicly launched a humor t-shirt website called Iced Tees.
  • Endagon expanded into South Florida and NYC.


  • I took a trip to NYC.
  • Endagon hired new amazing employees.
  • I started microblogging over at stalk.loganlenz.com.


  • I took a trip to New England.
  • I got to manage and oversee a few more projects and watch them come to life (still in private testing).
  • Endagon decided to postpone the TECHnically Music event until 2011.


  • I began writing more often. There are a few books in the works right now.
  • Endagon began working on a new project that will be ready in early 2011.
  • I continued rooting for the Atlanta Braves to make the playoffs.




  • I threw a party with family and friends to celebrate my marriage.
  • I traveled to the Smoky Mountains for a short honeymoon/Thanksgiving.
  • Endagon released the new and improved Endagon.com.


  • I counted down the 25 best albums of 2010 at Musicsmaster.com.
  • I launched another company that I am super excited about for 2011.
  • I traveled to New England to celebrate the holidays with family.

And now, I am ending the year by writing this blog post to sum it all up.

What a magical year! I can't wait to see what 2011 brings.