What Are Some Advantages of Having a Mobile App?

In 2010, Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff proclaimed that the internet was dead in a now oft-shared Wired Magazine article. Now, were they actually talking about people not using e-commerce, social media, email and other aspects of the internet, and going back to a pre-Internet status? Not at all – in fact, they argue that individuals will be using these things more. They were just referring to how we access these things. How often do you use your mobile phone and tablet these days? I’m guessing it’s a pretty decent amount. When I wake up, the first thing I do is check my phone for messages, Facebook/Twitter updates, emails, etc. Instead of picking up my morning paper, I tap the New York Times app on my tablet. And if I’m really bored on the train to work, I’ll stream a movie from my tablet. Not once have I actually gone on the internet, and this will continue throughout most of the day.

I am not alone in my use of web as more and more people are using their mobile devices to access these things rather than their PC or laptops. Therefore, businesses must cater to these habits to bring their services and content to users in the most convenient fashion. It’s because of this that many are choosing to build their own apps. Here’s why:

  • Apps Are So much More Convenient than a Mobile Browser: A recent survey by Compuware found that 85% of the participants asked favored mobile applications over a mobile website. This is due in part to their convenience. With a browser, you have to type a URL, navigate, zoom, etc. Apps can come up with just one tap. In addition, many services can be accessed offline for those who are out of range of a network or Wi-Fi signal.
  • Apps Are Very Easy to Build: As technologies improve, it’s becoming much easier to build an app that fits your business’s needs. You can incorporate quick load times, digital catalogs and other premium content to improve your brand and make it unique, and consistencies with the platform, whether it be for the Android or Apple stores.
  • You’ll Be Right There with Your Competitors: In order to stay on top of the competition, the trends indicate that you’ll need to have an app. Many of the top competitors in your industry will most likely have an app, which means your customers will expect you to have one too. They find them easier to shop and browse on an app, and many are staying away from their mobile browser. Given the importance of brand awareness and visibility, an app will keep you from falling behind.

Think of yourself as a potential customer. How often do you use the internet these days? If you find that you’re using your mobile devices and accessing your content and subscription services through apps, you’re not alone. Make your business as customer-friendly as possible with a mobile application.

Chris works for an internet marketing company in NJ that specializes in SEO services, App development, social media optimization and more.