We've Launched a School

Well, sort of.

The first phase of our ongoing development of our social media training school has been finalized. Earlier this week, we unveiled the modest blog you can find over at SocialMediaSchools.com. We're still working out the kinks, but as you will quickly notice, we have recruited quite the team of social media strategists to assemble content, articles, training materials, and case studies to better help you with your social media management goals.

I cannot iterate enough just how early we are in the building process. Our intentions with this project is to create a legitimate and reputable social media online training outlet. Actually, we aspire to create THE social media training outlet online.

With our school, not only will you learn social media, but you will be a part of a social media community unlike any other. We'll be conducting brainstorming discussions, mastermind calls, forum and support chats, and last but not least, gig procurement assistance, as a part of your membership to the school(s).

As you go through the future modules that you will find over at EndaSchools.com, you will earn badges and credentials that you will get to embed on your own sites to display just how much of a social media master you have become. What better way to get more clients or to land the big in-house position with a Fortune 500 than to show off your new found social media knowledge publicly.

We hope you check out SocialMediaSchools.com in its current infancy state and watch us as we grow this concept from the ground up. We will be launching the social media training platform in early 2012, so be prepared to apply for a spot in the very near future.

I'm super excited for what's to come and I hope you are as well.