WeReward - Get Paid for Checkins and Social Activity

I'm pretty sure you'll want to sign up for WeReward after reading this post.

As a friend of Ted Murphy and everyone at Izea, it's good to see that they have remained ahead of all of the social media companies around today. Since they were there at the beginning with Pay Per Post, I'm glad they have been able to move and shift with the fast-paced industry, all while doing a little innovating of their own.

Izea may have had successes with Social Spark, Sponzai, and Sponsored Tweets, but their newest innovation is the one that I am most excited about. It's called WeReward and it monetizes the current social media trend around location-based services and check-ins. In other words, it's created an opportunity for the socially active to make money just by living - checking in to their favorite venues, completing tasks there, and sharing the results with the world.

Before I ramble on too much about the idea, you should probably just watch the overview video below:

WeReward launched last week at Techcrunch's Disrupt Conference. This means that since the application is still so new, it has yet to hit the mainstream. The reason I mention this with such enthusiasm is because of the referral program that Izea has put into place for the application. If you get in early and are able to help spread the word, you could end up making a decent amount of cash from other people's actions on a consistent basis.

So, for everyone with an iPhone and a Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare account - It's time to start getting paid to be social. It's the new craze of action marketing. Are you going to be ahead of the trend?

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