Utilizing Your Resources

Some people have had everything they ever wanted handed to them. Some people have worked extremely hard to earn everything they desire. Unfortunately, however, a lot of people are on the other end of the spectrum, living life with limited resources and facing difficult challenges every single day. Then, there are those that fall in between somewhere. Like me. I recently read the Mashable post on the "7 Most Inspiring Videos on the Web" and was moved. It made me think of the different obstacles and even opportunities that everybody faces on their own every single day.

Take William Kamkwamba, for example. He overcame tremendous hurdles in his attempt to build windmills that will supply electricity for his small village in Malawi. Does he have the same resources that you and I might? No. If you watch the video embedded below, you will discover that he achieved success strictly through reading books on the topic. He learned and then applied his new found knowledge.

After that, I watched the ESPN video of Jason McElwain. He was a high school student that loved the sport of basketball, but faced the challenge of being born with autism. He was unable to earn a starting spot on the team, so he applied his passion for the game to being the team's manager. If you watch the video below, you will see how miracles can happen and how you can't miss out on a momentous opportunity when it is given to you.

If you already feel inspired, I encourage you to watch all 7 videos that Mashable recommended in their post last week.

I hope that this enlightenment has done to you what it did to me. And that is not to take everything for granted. You and I may fall in between the spoonfed and the unfortunate, which to me is the most fortunate of all, but with this classification comes a lack of graciousness that needs to be reinstated in all of our lives.

Pass this post on and reignite the passion that exists in everyone.