Using Printed T-Shirts In Your Business

There are many potential uses for printed t-shirts, with many people using them for social and novelty reasons. Any trip to the airport usually involves seeing groups of young adults in their printed t-shirts as a novelty indicator of the holiday they are about to embark on. Others may use them as birthday and Christmas gifts. However, there are also a number of serious uses for these garments, particularly in the world of business. They can be used as a powerful branding tool for any business, and can help spread the word and company image to anyone who happens to rest their eyes on one of your t-shirts. Here are five different ways to utilise printed t-shirts in your business.

Work Uniforms

This is particularly handy when running a retail business, as these can give your employees a sense of style and professionalism when interacting with customers. As well as this, it makes your staff easily identifiable for customers, which ensures that their shopping experience is made less stressful as they aren’t left waiting around to find a member of staff.

Delivery Uniforms

Delivery drivers are often your company’s first impression on the outside world in a number of trades. They are the first port of call in many industries, and printed t-shirts can make them easily recognisable and trustworthy. They are a great way to ensure that customers know that the person knocking on their door is a respectable character and the reason he is there, instead of unsolicited cold-calling. Kitting your delivery staff out with the correct printed t-shirts can help make a lasting impression on your customers – providing the service is exemplary.

Promotional Events

Many businesses like to participate in public or promotional events. These can be anything from conferences, to sales and marketing events, to charity concerts. Either way, it’s a great way to get your company name out there and into the minds of potential customers. This is particularly handy if you have a stall, display or even better – a speaking slot at one of these events. The correctly designed t-shirt will last long in the memory of any potential customer impressed with your business/display.


Giving things away to devoted customers is an effective way of creating even more loyalty towards your brand. Why not kill two birds with one stone b keeping your customers happy, and turning them into a walking advertisement by giving them a company branded t-shirt? This is a good way for you and your customers to spread the word about your company without having to open your mouths.

Product Promotion

There are a number of promotional tactics you can use when launching new services and products, and you want to ensure that you get the product name out everywhere you possibly can. If you take the time to ensure you design the t-shirt well and perhaps have an effective slogan on there, then there’s a good chance your product could go viral. Some people choose to go memorable with their designs, others jut simple yet effective. Either way, printed t-shirts are a good way to get noticed.