Usig Electronic Voting in the Office

It’s always important to stay on top of the latest developments and trends in technology if you run an office, whatever your industry may be. This isn’t necessarily for the work you do directly, but more for the way your office operates. To improve efficiency, there is lots of equipment that can help you run your office smoothly, and an electronic voting system is one such device that can help you in your staff training, in meetings and even for health and safety assessments. One of the most popular ways to use an electronic voting system in the office is to monitor progress as part of a training programme. Throughout a training day, each team member can be given a handheld remote and asked to respond to a series of questions testing their knowledge of the teaching they have undergone throughout the day so that you know that everyone has absorbed everything they need to and the participants can consolidate their knowledge.

You can also use these devices in meetings. As everyone enters, issue every member of the team with their own remote and explain to them how it will work. This way, instead of using a show of hands to gauge opinions, you can use the anonymous voting system to glean the views of the team. This means that nobody has to give their opinion publicly, and even the shy members of the team get to give their opinion, which will get the same weighting as those who like to make their voices heard. This is fairer and means you get a more accurate set of responses.

If you ever need to perform office risk assessments, an electronic voting system is perfect for the job. It enables you to get the results quickly, and they will be highly accurate and not subject to human error. It is obviously very important that you perform your risk assessments with perfect accuracy to ensure that any potential risks are recorded correctly and with the right severity so that a list of priorities can be made to keep everyone in the office safe.

It is highly likely that there are even more uses for electronic voting in your office, so feel free to get creative with the way you use the devices and see how much of a difference they can make to the way your office operates. You should see the basic admin tasks become much easier and more efficient to carry out, which is much better for the office overall in the long run.

Paul Nottingham is a business training expert who regularly employs the latest technological aids to improve engagement levels at his events