Upselling Upstream

It was an awkward and uncomfortable dialogue for both parties. I was very angry and disappointed. A company that is supposed to "understand" me completely got me wrong.

It all started with a voicemail from my insurance provider. They urgently told me to call them back. That's it. No other information.

Somewhat panicked, I did just that.

I immediately asked the representative if everything was alright. She assured me that all was well and that she was just calling to talk about the company's new "corporate credit card" that grants "points" and eventual cash back to users that pay their monthly bill with it.

It was bad enough that she disrupted my day with this nonsense, but to trick a customer into calling you back by leaving an ambiguously urgent message is inexcusable.

My anger ultimately led me to a different insurance provider. I prefer to work with companies that understand my needs and appreciate how important my time is. I'm uninterested in constantly being upsold against my will.

So, the next time you want to make that sales call to a current customer, think about the type of customer they are. Will they definitely be interested in what you are offering? Is the value added even worth the conversation to them? As you can see, not thinking about things ahead of time can actually have an adverse effect.