Travel Whenever You Want To

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TravelPro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'd like to think that I'm somewhat of a nomadic entrepreneur. I'm location independent, which means I can work virtually and don't necessarily have to be in a certain place at any given time. Yes, from time to time, I don't need to physically be present for events or important meetings, but for the most part, nobody needs to know where I am, just as long as I am providing value to my business and customers/clients.

So it goes without saying... I love to travel. I'm sure you do too.

If you like to travel as much as I do, Travelpro, a fantastic luggage company, is giving away the chance to win 500,000 miles from the DeltaSkyMiles program, as well as two Travelpro Rollaboard bags!

Win 500,000 Delta SkyMiles® with Travelpro®Can you imagine where you could travel to with 500,000 miles? 

If I won this sweepstakes, I would definitely travel to New Zealand and Australia to visit some friends first and foremost. I have yet to make it over there and I always try to make an excuse to. 

If you are interested in winning the 500,000 miles as much as I am, all you have to do is enter the TravelPro sweepstakes by clicking the link and going through the application instructions.

Please leave your comments on the places you would like to travel to if you win.

Win 500,000 Delta SkyMiles® with Travelpro® Win 500,000 Delta SkyMiles® with Travelpro®

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