Too Much To Offer

Have you ever heard the phrase "Jack of all trades but a master of none?"

From the outside in, potential customers that witness a myriad of services being offered to them often take a step back and consider the intentions of the service provider in question. Smart customers can smell dishonesty, and disingenuous companies are usually not the ones being hired.

The reality of it is this - Why should a customer that's looking for one single specific service hire a company that will inevitably upsell them to adding more of their service offerings? More importantly to the customer, the company that only offers the desired service has made a business out of solely doing exactly what the customer is looking for. In the case of the multi-service brand, there is no telling how well they actually carry out the service that's desired since they obviously rely on so much more.

When you're starting a business, strongly consider whether or not you should include everything but the kohler kitchen faucet (the kitchen sink - get it?). That initial decision might be far more important to your future success than you realize.

Simplicity is better.