These Things Happen...

It has now been two weeks since my reliable HP notebook ceased its functioning. At first, I thought it would be a quick-fix, as similar problems have arisen before. However, this one seems to be more powerful than ever before. I've had multiple computer gurus look at it to no success. This one just doesn't want to get solved. The only reason I wanted to post this update is to let you know how much this occurrence has screwed up my timeline. While I do have three computers that share a lot of the same files, my notebook has always been my go-to machine that I could bring anywhere with me. Therefore, it actually has more of my current files and projects on it.

Two weeks ago, I posted the first part of my talk at PBCC. I promised to follow up with more footage. But guess where that footage is exclusively stored? We have been planning on launching our new suite of Endagon websites this week, but guess where some important files are stored?

Today is the day that I will be deciding what to do with my seemingly worthless notebook. I have one last resort before I back up my hard drive and cut my losses. Besides, maybe it is time to upgrade after all?

Hopefully, this post allows everyone to understand why it has been difficult to remain precise the last few weeks. Don't hate me. I will be doing things more consistently again this week.