The Media vs The Marketers

For the first time in a long time, the minds of even the most brilliant marketers have been compromised. Never before could anything defeat the undeniable power of creative marketing and promotion. Never before has there been an overabundance of resources that undermined the originality of ideas. Never before has it been so possible to do everything yourself as a company. It almost seems insatiably peripatetic to think of the evolution of the marketing industry. Inevitable defeat is something that even the slyest of marketers could not skulk from these days. Let’s face it. The playing field has been leveled, and we are now ready to start a whole new ballgame. Now the only thing left to ponder is the uncertainty of the number of teams that will enter into the game.

It’s a simple concept – The Media vs. The Marketers. Right now, in 2009, we’re all experiencing a unique version of the Gold Rush. It’s the uprising of social media, the importance of community and the capability of the industry itself – yet not so much the people behind it. It’s Community vs. The Individuals. The individuals might make up the community, but there exists a predetermined threshold that can create an annoyance in the overabundance of similar ideas from a plethora of “know-it-alls” in the field. {Filters activated}

The Internet is speaking for itself and creating both an opportunity and a nuisance to business. Unlike print, television, and radio, the Internet doesn’t require a third party to make the promotions happen (those aforementioned marketing gurus). The Internet is evolving into a close-knit, preference-driven community that requires the business to simply be themselves and care about their customers on a personal level.

Although I do feel bad for the marketing minds that have had to adapt to the ever changing business economy, I feel worse for those that are still pouring their advertising dollars into impersonal and immeasurable media practices.