The Inchworm

The inchworm is one of the most under-appreciated creatures in the universe. It also happens to possess quite a storybook life. It's life journey is both exhausting and rewarding. Much like the life of an entrepreneur.

Whenever an inchworm climbs a surface such as a tree or a wall, it's genetic makeup forces the little guy to use it's entire body to garner enough power to move forward. However, as soon as it advances a few inches upward, gravity forces it to slide back down an inch.

While the inchworm is still netting an inch of progress with every tiring attempt, you can imagine how taxing a simple walk up a tree can be for it. Needless to say, the inchworm never stops moving and is always embarking on some sort of new journey, overcoming all of the struggles along the way.

As an entrepreneur, it would be easy to get frustrated when all of your attempts at success knocked you back a few inches. It's having the positive attitude to appreciate the few inches you moved forward, and forgetting about the setbacks that will allow you to reach your destination in the future.

In the end, the inchworm gets to turn into a beautiful butterfly and fly effortlessly throughout Earth's entire landscape. What could be a better reward than that?