The Importance of Security

p>As business owners, we often only whip out our checkbooks when a proposition can be measured by its cost-effectiveness. If the situation answers the question "Will buying Product X make me a positive ROI?" in a favorable manner, it becomes n easy decision to make. Of course, it's not always that clear, but the point is that most financial decisions have a dependent variable that is impacted directly by the investment.

However, I have recently learned that some of the most important investments a business owner can make are not ones that realize any sort of financial return. In fact, some entrepreneurs never even think about investing in it. That's just the problem here. You won't realize you need it until it ruins your entire business.

I'm talking about the importance of security.

Security comes in many forms. There's insurance, patents (and other legal protections), and then there's the protection of one's physical or tangible assets. More specifically as a digital company, how are you protecting yourself against technological hacks that compromise your digital operations?

Like I said before, sometimes business owners underestimate the importance of security until it's too late. In my eyes, at this point in my entrepreneurial career, security has become one of the most essential assets that I consistently pay for. I have no problem whipping out my checkbook to quarantine potential malicious files when my assets are on the line. Simply knowing that I have invested in protecting all of my and my clients' assets is priceless.

And that goes for all types of security in all types of industries.