The Importance of Print Marketing

This post brought to you by PrintingHQ. All opinions are 100% mine.

Just because social media and online advertising have become the most cost-effective way to reach new customers, people seem to think that other traditional methods of marketing and advertising have completely vanished. In actuality, this could not be further from the truth. There will always be room for direct mailers, flyers, and business cards just as long as people don't become afraid to meet new people face-to-face.

Printing HQ is an online printing company that specializes in business card printing, post card printing and even calendar printing (Couldn't your company use one of those 2011 custom calendars?). As a provider of print marketing, they are firm believers that the current wave of online marketing is a temporary solution that only complements a well-planned print marketing campaign.

Think about it this way - without print media, what would you do when you meet a new potential client at a conference or networking event? Would you text him your phone number? Would you ask him for his Twitter handle? I certainly hope not. You'd want to leave them with something tangible like a business card. Something they'll see on their desk weeks later. Something that displays the branding of your company.

I must admit that I don't actively engage in print marketing for any of my businesses, but it's only because I have never been able to budget for any print media. I do possess business cards and we do pass out flyers when we put on our events, but outside of that, I have been slacking in the print department - Probably just like you have.

What print materials do you currently utilize for your business? What print items do you need to make your campaign more diversified and more well-rounded? Leave some of your comments below and check out for a refresh on some of the products your business needs.

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