The Golden Rules of Finding a Job After College

Most people seek a four-year (or more) degree in the hopes that it will help them get a great job. However, these days that little piece of paper isn’t enough to get a corner office. First-time job hunters have to do a little legwork in order to get hired in a job that caters to both their career and salary needs. Knowing the golden rules to job searching can help give recent graduates a leg up on their competition.

1. Take Action

With the technology overload, it can be easy for grads to get complacent, simply sifting through job listings online. However, networking is still one of the most advantageous ways for people to get a foot in the door. College students and graduates have a wealth of resources at their disposal: a career center, alumni and professors, for starters. Beyond that, talking to friends and family members about your job search can open doors. Ask for referrals.

One way technology can be used to your advantage is to create social media profiles that are intended for professional use. There are several sites geared toward job-seekers, allowing you to connect with people who are working in the fields you would like to explore or at companies where you’d like to work. Technical schools that offer coursework in the facilities industries like HVAC, PLC, and Boiler Maintenance are also worth looking into since they require less time.

2. Let Go of Perfection

Recent grads should have reasonable expectations when it comes to what kind of job they will find right out of school. Finding a job that has everything on your “want” list is pretty hard to do, even if you have an amazing resume with decades of experience. Instead, cast a wide net and figure out what points you are willing to negotiate and those that are unmoving. For example, you might have a certain salary range you must make in order to pay the bills, but you are OK with having a longer commute. If you can find a job that meets your absolutes, you have found a good position.

3. Know What You Want

According to PLC Training Firm American Trainco, getting tailored training can set you up for a rewarding career without the standard 4-year commitment. College students have four years to prepare themselves for the outside world, but many still feel uncertain about what path their career should take. To overcome the hurdle, there are two things a recent grad can do:

  • Get a job somewhere that feels like it may be a good fit and see how it goes. You do not want to become paralyzed with indecision and not have a source of income in the meantime.
  • Work on self-assessment, meaning try to gauge your interests: what type of news do you enjoy reading, which of your friends’ careers seem exciting, do research and read career-help books and blogs.

4. Be Flexible

The good thing about taking a job is that you are not married to it. If you decide it isn’t a good fit, you can start exploring other options like a trade school. You might have a boss who can help you find another role in the same company, or you may even consider switching careers. A career is a long journey, and you literally have the rest of your life to figure out what you want to do.

Courtesy of American Trainco