The Florida Marlins

Last night, I was able to catch a Braves v Marlins game at Landshark Stadium. My front row seats allowed me to gaze in the eyes of the players and feel the moisture of the sweat dripping off of their eyebrows. Braves vs Marlins

I was there for one reason – to watch my favorite baseball team, the Atlanta Braves defeat the Florida Marlins. Going into the game, the two teams were tied for second place in the NL East and 3.5 games back for the wildcard. This game was pivotal. That’s why I had to be there.

I’m not going to get into further details because it’s not as much about the game and the result as much as it is the observations that I made. During the game, I witnessed the following:

  • A total of less than 4,000 people in attendance.
  • A shortage of hot dogs to sell from the concession stand.
  • Concessions abruptly closing during the sixth inning.
  • No parking directors to assist you driving in.
  • Season ticket holders that care more about their iPhones than the game itself.
  • A disappointed team owner.
  • The confirmation of a new Marlins stadium in Miami in 2012.

The last point is the most concerning to me. The Marlins can only bring in 3,000 people during an important series while they are still in the pennant race, and someone thinks they will do better by spending more money on a newer facility. Do they think that from Palm Beach and Northern Broward County is going to want to make that trip? It’s sad. Really. Florida can spend money on this, yet they can’t hire anymore teachers.

In case you were wondering…. Final score: Braves 5, Marlins 2. Let’s go Braves!