The Email Game

When I first heard about The Email Game, I was instantly intrigued. To me, email is always a game against myself everyday. With hundreds of new emails coming in everyday and a lot of "real" work to do, it's a constant struggle trying to keep inbox zero and overcome the pain that is keeping up with email.

The Email Game is an interesting solution to people with this problem.

Essentially, the Email Game is an application that grabs your email account and toggles through your latest emails one-by-one. With each email, a timer is displayed, and it then becomes your task to reply, read, or dispose the email before the timer runs out. Although the points aren't as important to me, you do earn them each time you succeed. However, it's more about the time saving component for me.

I have been using the Email Game for almost two weeks now and I can honestly say that it saves me hours everyday. I used to have to monitor email all day waiting for important Client issues, but now I can take 5 minutes every few hours to toggle through everything super quickly.

Check out the Email Game and let me know what you think. For your reference, I have embedded their overview video below.

The Email Game - Conquer your Email from Baydin Inc. on Vimeo.