The Costs of Change

It's easy to think about the tangible costs that come from a major structural change in a business. Whether it's opening a new location, adding an employee to the roster, or moving offices, there is a financial amount that you set aside in advance and can identify early on.

However, a lot of business owners don't dig deeper into other elements surrounding such a change; and it's often far more costly than just the money.

To serve as an example, Endagon just paid to move one of New York employees to a small office in New Jersey. We expected to pay for movers morristown nj, but not the momentum that those offices would lose because of the change. This valuable team member had to unplug herself from work in order to adapt to the changes in both her personal and professional lives. Not only that, but others had to step in to take care of more urgent matters, which is another large expense that slid underneath the radar.

While n our bank sheets, we'll only be able to see the money that came out of our account, you better believe that I am quantifying such changes in the future at their much higher and more realistic figures.