The Best Revenue Models

The best revenue models are the ones that transform their products or services into a necessity to their consumers. I live in a house, so I must pay mortgage / rent (winner = lender / landlord)

I need a cell phone to communicate (winner = cell phone carriers)

I have a bad back, and must have a massage every month (winner = chiropractor / therapist)

For those that are creating web applications, you must understand that this is going to be the new way of weeding out the best from the rest in the marketplace.

If I need a task management application, I’m only going to choose one (Basecamp).

If I need a movie rental service, I’m only going to choose one (Netflix).

And as long as these services continue to provide value to me as a customer, I will accept the fact that my credit card is automatically billed every month. After all, that’s easier for both parties.

Who doesn’t want to own a company that transforms their customers to weekly, monthly, or yearly subscribers? That’s guaranteed revenue.

All you have to do is continue offering enough value to make the customer believe that your product or service enhances their lives.

Does yours do that?