The Benefits of Software Asset Management

p>Software has become an indispensible tool in the modern workplace, and is now more important than ever. Having procedures in place to keep track of these important assets is becoming an issue, which is where ‘Software Asset Management’ or SAM comes in. The full lifecycle of software assets from original purchase date, use, upkeep, upgrades and expiry date are all managed effectively, giving huge advantages to businesses.

Money saving and finance control

A big motivation for businesses embarking on software asset management programmes is the opportunity to save money, and also put into place more accurate budgets and fiscal controls. This is of course especially important given the state of the world economy in the last few years. A good SAM system makes sure that:

Licences are used to their fullest, and money isn’t wasted on overspending
Companies can plan for future spending more accurately, given their advanced knowledge of the necessities of software purchasing: unplanned and unexpected software purchasing is a thing of the past
Fines for non-compliance, which can be fairly hefty, are avoided completely
Discounts for large purchases of certain software can be achieved due to the nature of a more centralised licensing process.

Security risk reduction

A software asset management scheme will enable businesses to stop users from downloading illicit software that may lead to viruses on the system. This also means that the need for IT support is reduced because of the eradication of the needs to fix errors caused by infected software. Also, software misuse is reduced and so again IT support is less necessary, leaving technical teams free from helpdesk calls and available for more important fundamental IT support work.

License Complicity

The most obvious benefit of a software asset management system is the knowledge that you’re fully licensed and compliant with contracts at any one time. Any audit from a software vendor can be easily navigated, without adding the worry onto an already large list of ‘to dos’. Understanding the terms and conditions of the software is another advantage, and ensures you stay within the law with the software that you are using.