The Adverse Effect of Higher Learning

This might sound odd to most employers out there, but I don't hire anyone with a Master's Degree.

I have nothing against well-studied individuals. I obviously encourage knowledge.

To me, however, a Master's Degree usually equates to less real-world experience and more "by the book" operating.

I'd rather have someone that wasn't afraid to enter the marketplace earlier. The ones that quit after 4 years end up having a few years of real workplace experience. All the while, graduate students are writing meaningless essays and putting together the most perfect transitions for Powerpoint presentations.

In the world of creativity and entrepreneurship, there are no rules. Presentations and the use of big scholarly words are only toppings on a deep bowl of ice cream. The ice cream itself consists of tenacity, passion, good ideas, and implementation.

If you are currently debating going back to school because of "the economy," consider lesser education and put it all out there now. You'll have less on the line and will be more likely to want to impress an employer like me.