My Entrepreneurs Unpluggd Interview

I'd like to thank Tim Jahn of Entrepreneurs Unpluggd for asking me to do this interview.

In the 20 minute discussion, I talk about paving your own entrepreneurial path, as well as my experience with my 3 most prominent ventures - Endagon, Jiggy Piggy, and Iced Tees.

Update: The embed code will not work inside Wordpress for whatever reason. So, you can head on over to my "Stalk Me" page to view the interview.

America's War Against Social Media

I thought the title itself was worth posting about.

In the video embedded below, you will be exposed to an interesting discussion that is currently (secretly) taking place in our country. With the continued rapid growth of social media and overall web and media communications, we need to stop and consider the Government's role, if there should be any, in all of this.

Nowadays, everyone has a voice - a place to broadcast and speak their minds online. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, news is traveling faster than ever, and more importantly, the promotion of potential chaos and destruction can spread much more quickly than ever before.

Should social media EVER be regulated? If so, how?

Young Entrepreneurs at the White House (Video)

I was invited, but unfortunately couldn't attend. This weekend, I encourage you to take an hour and a half to watch this video of Champions of Change - an event that honors young entrepreneurs that are making a difference with their ventures in some way.

In the video, you will see the Young Entrepreneur Council Founder, Scott Gerber, speaking about youth entrepreneurship in our country.

Enjoy the video and leave your thoughts on it in the comment section below.

FOWA Interviews Jason Calacanis (VIDEOS)

I don't usually just post videos on this blog, but I found this 2 part set of interviews to be nice background audio during a frantic workday. If you have 20 minutes to spare for your headphones' air time, play these informative videos and leave them running. No need to watch the visuals.

I have become a big fan of Jason over the years. Right now, I am enthralled with his weekly podcast, This Week In Startups, and love his entrepreneurial beliefs.

Whether you are a fan of his or have never even heard of him, check these out and leave your comments below.

Getting Jiggy With It Contest

The all-inclusive artist services agency, Jiggy Piggy is facilitating a fun video contest for the holiday season.

Christmas is just around the corner and the Piggy has been feeling generous, as usual! JP is holding a submission contest asking any and everybody to submit a video of them "getting jiggy" to their favorite unsigned band.

They are asking that you post your videos to their Facebook page, which can be found here.

The contest began today & it ends at 12:00am CST on January 15th, 2011.

Here is what you are being judged on:

  • Most creative video
  • Outstanding dancing (of course)
  • Most “Like” votes on the Jiggy Piggy Facebook page

Winning Prize:
Who Submits the Video

  • $100.00 plus full recognition on the band’s website (not applicable to band member)

The Indie Band Being Played in the Video

  • FREE full blown website built by the Jiggy Piggy team ($1,500.00 value)

Make sure to list the unsigned band's name and song title with the post.

The winner will be announced on January 21st. Once the winner has been selected, the person who submitted the video will be contacted to coordinate the awards.

Be creative, have fun and don't forget to dance with the Piggy this holiday season!

Photobucket = An Admin's Nirvana

I admittedly spend WAYYYY too much time doing administrative work for my businesses. I'm not an Accountant or paper filer, I'm an Entrepeneur and Business Owner (I actually despised Accounting classes in college and frequently tell my Accountant that I feel bad for him). Running numbers and getting organized is a pain. But it's essential and one of the most important components of your business. Without some sort of organization in tact, your company will inevitably fall apart. That's just the way it goes.

Shoeboxed has given me some new found freedom from all of the aforementioned work that I despise so much.

At an affordable monthly rate, you are sent a handful of paid-for return Shoeboxed envelopes that you can fill with receipts, business cards, and other paperwork that needs to be organized and/or digitized, that you then send back to their headquarters to allow them to do all of the magic for you.

In actuality, this relationship is a dream come true. Now I can spend more time running my businesses and being creative, and less time doing all of the tasks that I hate.