WWDC 2010

As an admitted Apple fanboy, I'm pretty siked for today's WWDC Conference. Instead of writing a complete post today, I figured I would share the best link I could find for the live feed of the event.


The event starts at 10am Pacific, which means everyone on Eastern time, like me, will be waiting until 1:00pm to hear the big news on the new iPhone and all the other amazing Apple product announcements.

Macs Are Superior

Since I haven't posted anything all week, I wanted to make sure I said something on my blog this week. Therefore, I will simply state that Macs are superior to PCs. I only say this because the last few weeks have been my most productive. This is because I have started to utilize Expose and Spaces to its fullest potential. It's a feature of Macs that I wish I would have taken advantage of sooner.

I purchased another Mac this week and I am loving the synergy between all of my computers. I now own 5 computers that all function differently and are designed to complete different actions. Sadly, only two of those computers are Macs. Therefore, PCs are still winning somehow, 3-2.

Do you use Spaces and Expose on your Mac? What do you think?