Music Mastermind and the 25 Days of Music

It started three years ago. I purchased a domain name that I could use to leverage my love and knowledge for music. Before I even utilized the domain name, I started a blog at I enjoyed some of the functionalities within Blogspot so I kept it there. I ended up neglecting the domain I had purchased for quite some time. But not anymore. As of Monday, Endagon has launched the new The launch comes at the same time as the launch of the 2009 album countdown "The 25 Days of Music." This countdown ranks the top 25 albums of the year, starting on December 1st and ending on Christmas day.

Later today, the #23 album of the year will be released. Stay tuned for that.

In addition to this countdown, there is a lot planned for We are looking to launch a podcast in January and begin fielding interviews and event reviews for the site. Hopefully soon, it will become a quality news source for the music industry.