Speaking at DMAC This Weekend

DMAC, a.k.a. Ft. Lauderdale's Driven Art and Music Conference, will be taking place this weekend, January 29th, at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Since I have promoted this event in previous posts on this blog, I won't go into too many details of the event (you should know about it by now). Instead, I will tell you more information about my panel, the topic, and when to show up if you're planning on attending.

I will be on a panel alongside the great Chad Beatz, a writer and multi-platinum selling producer for Travie McCoy and Rihanna (to name a few). Also on the panel will be Jeff Halatrax, another writer and producer that has worked with Selena Gomez and Jesse McCartney. Finally, I have the distinct pleasure of sitting next to Lou Plaia, a Co-Founder of Reverb Nation.

Our panel discussion is called "Get a Song. Get It Out." It's a perfect topic for the individuals on this panel for we will be talking about the entire process from creating a song to marketing it to the masses. I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts and questions from the artists in attendance.

Our discussion will be at 11:00am on Saturday. Registration will start that morning at 8:00AM with the first panel about art will begin promptly at 9:30.

I look forward to seeing some of you there.

For more info on the event, click here.

TechVenture 2010

On December 2-3, TechVenture 2010 will be taking place at the Sonesta Orlando Downtown Hotel. The purpose of the event is to showcase all of the most exciting next-generation technologies being developed by Florida's emerging technology companies.

One of the main goals of the event is to connect entrepreneurs and small business owners and help to build a stronger community of technology companies in Florida.

There will be keynotes and the opportunity to demonstrate all of the new technologies that anybody that applies is working on.

Could this be you?

If you'd like to apply to present a demo of your tech product at the event, click here.

If you'd simply like to register for the event, you can find the registration information here.

For more general information on all facets of the event, go here.

Here is a video taken from last year's TechVenture event.

HBO New Media Job

I have a friend that is going back to school in a few months and is looking for a quality replacement at his current job. He currently works as a manager of all new media strategies, including but not limited to projects such as mobile app development, mobile campaigns, market research, and general business strategy.

He is looking for a replacement that is adept at technology, new media, and business management in general.

The position is a full-time gig with well-paying salary and full benefits.

The office is in Coral Gables, Florida.

Speaking both English and Spanish is a must. Knowing Portugese is an added bonus.

Please send your resumes to amagnani@hbo-la.com and/or pconway@hbo-la.com for consideration.

When you send it, please tell them that Logan sent you.

WWDC 2010

As an admitted Apple fanboy, I'm pretty siked for today's WWDC Conference. Instead of writing a complete post today, I figured I would share the best link I could find for the live feed of the event.


The event starts at 10am Pacific, which means everyone on Eastern time, like me, will be waiting until 1:00pm to hear the big news on the new iPhone and all the other amazing Apple product announcements.