Jeff Bezos is the New Steve Jobs

p>The current rumor is that Amazon will be entering the offline retail space in 2012. Following in the footsteps of other large tech/web companies like Apple and Microsoft, Amazon believes they now have the consumer products to fill up a tangible storefront and hopes to increase sales with the added incentive of "in-person consumption." We all know that being able to see and touch a product leads to higher conversion rates, but is the Kindle product a good enough reason for Amazon to make such a bold move?

I have a lot of thoughts on this and I'd like to share some of them with you.

First of all, never bet against a guy like Jeff Bezos. Over the years, he has done a countless number of impressive and unexpected things with the Amazon brand. He's acquired major companies, he's disrupted the publishing world, and most recently, he is proving that a less expensive product, even if you lose money on each sale, equals more market (and mind) share and creates lifelong customer loyalty. What he has done with the new Kindle Fire is arguably just as impressive as the unveiling of the first generation iPad (at least to me). It's still an e-Reader (not a tablet), yet it's carving it's own sub-section of tablet/reader hybrid products. And let's not overlook the Silk browser. The caching technology alone is as innovative as something like a browser can be. I can't wait to see how Silk disrupts browsing on the computer in 2012.

Next, if the aforementioned rumors are true, Amazon's retail stores will be a whole lot more than just Kindles. Bezos has apparently been secretly working on a broad collection of retail products that can be offered under the Amazon label. I know this sounds risky, less-focused, and out of scope for an online company like Amazon, but again, Bezos is doing this for a reason. If you can pick up some other amazing products while you're in a store shopping for a Kindle, you're going to do it - especially if you already love the Kindle and have shopped with Amazon for several years already. After all, isn't Amazon known for having just about everything on their site?

That leads me to my next point. Amazon has done their time. They've served billions of customers over the years. In order to continue being an innovative technology company as oppose to just being a stale e-commerce site, they have to continue to grow. How else can Amazon's products reach the older generations that deserve to read from a Kindle? It's much easier to sell a newbie on a product when their grandchild begs them to go into a store because they have been shopping at Amazon online for 7 years. From that, more eyeballs will generate even more sales - but it all stems from the trust that they have built with the world over time.

There is no stopping Jeff Bezos anytime soon. I will continue to follow his every move as an entrepreneur as he continues to innovate and disrupt any of the markets he can touch. It's a real pleasure to watch him.

What do you think about Bezos? Please leave your comments below.

How to Build a Loyal Blog Following

Over the years, blogging has transitioned from basement-corner pastime, to oft-used job description, to the now viral form of real-time journalism that it is today. Blogging is an entrepreneurial goldmine for those who are looking to reach an audience. The problem, as it turns out, is that accomplishing such a feat isn’t quite as easy as assembling a few paragraphs and clicking “submit.”

The blogosphere is an incredibly large place, and it’s not difficult for your blog to get lost in the shuffle. Persevering in the blog world requires a certain level of confidence and gauge of motivation. But with the right tools and the right attitude, your blog could be the next “big thing” on the Web.

  • Create your blog as a cohesive product.

Blogging is as much about branding as it is about quality content. Having a consistent message with your blog is crucial to keeping the readers that visit your blog. Naturally, if you have a blog about cats, and you decide to do a post on dogs, you’re going to have readers on the other end of their computers raising eyebrows and quickly moving on to the next best cat blog they can find.

  • Find a niche.

Your blog posts need to have a characteristic to them that makes them distinguished from any other blog on the Internet. In the same way that broadcast and print media is now fragmented, this is also true of Web content. This means your posts need to be detailed and specific in the topics that they cover, but this does not mean that your posts need to be long-winded rants. Posts should be engaging and consist of a word count that a reader can realistically be expected to read; even the most drawn-in, invested of niche groups do not want to read essay-length posts.

  • Interact with your audience.

This includes both the people who comment on your posts, as well as the people who comment on posts submitted through other blogs. Starting a dialogue with those who are likely to be interested in your blog is a vital first step to creating a strong reader base. Be aware, however, that you should never specifically tell people to read your blog. Simply attaching a link to your comment is one thing, but shameless self-promotion is another. Additionally, be alert to who is commenting on your own blog posts, and do not leave a comment hanging in the air. It is extremely infrequent for users to comment on blog entries, which means you need to be feeding them with interactivity and an added reason to revisit the blog.

  • Kill ‘em with catchiness.

Post titles are as essential to pulling in readers for a blog as an eye-catching headline is to grabbing readers’ attention in a newspaper. Avoid using generic titles that have probably been used by other blogs in the past, and never be afraid to think outside of the box. The more creative the headline, the more intrigued the reader will be.

  • Have patience.

Blogs take time to catch on; understand that only receiving a few hundred or even a few dozen page views in a few weeks’ time is not the end of your blog. Building a relationship with readers takes time and effort. You may end up spending months taking advantage of social networks and other blogs before you finally start seeing the results you were hoping for. Some adages really are true; patience is a virtue.

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Positive Thinkers' Playground

Do you know those moments that we all experience where we witness something truly amazing? It's called inspiration and I'm addicted to it.

For whatever reason, as humans, we don't go out and proactively seek inspiration as much as we should. Us creatives need to constantly breed new ideas and garner momentum for whatever project we are working on. Without a little outside inspiration, it's very difficult to do extraordinary work. Without motivation, there is no sense of urgency.

What is your "Positive Thinkers' Playground?" Where do you go to feel inspired? More importantly, why don't you go there more often?

stay positive no matter what happens in life.... and positivity is simply an outcome to inspired success.

Want $100?

Songclash and Jiggy Piggy are giving away $100 to the guest blog post for that receives the most traffic. You can find more details on the opportunity below:

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What’s the second step?

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Who gets the $100 cash prize?

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Your turn – any questions at all for the Piggy?

Feedfront Issue #13

For those of you new to the internet marketing/affiliate marketing world, you might not be subscribed to the FREE and very informative magazine called Feedfront. If you aren't subscribed, not only do you need to be, but you can access the digital forms of the issues from their website.

The magazine is released twice a year and features short articles written by familiar faces from the online arena.

In the most recent issue, I write about how I have been "Increasing Conversion Rates With On-Site Messaging." It's a short piece about how leveraging customer service chat platforms for your website can increase sales. It can be found on page 21.

My Article On Feedfront

Yesterday, Feedfront Magazine published an article I wrote called "How To Structure Your Affiliate Business."

Needless to say, because of the amount of eyeballs that Feedfront receives, I was receiving tons of Twitter and Google alerts yesterday. It was crazy.

Today, I'm seeing that there were a couple of hundred retweets of the article, but somehow, there are still no comments on it.

Check out the article at the link below and leave a comment.

Guest Posts

I'm super busy today so I just wanted to make a short post to highlight a few things.

  1. I am looking to guest blog post / write on business blogs.
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If you have a blog about business, marketing, entrepreneurship, startups, social media, or anything in that realm, please contact me directly at

Likewise, if you have any ideas that you would like to have seen and/or heard by this blog's readers, send an email to the same location with your proposed post ideas.

Either way, I'm hoping to get out there more and spread some startup tips and tricks across the web. Hopefully, we can help each other out along the way.


Webster's defines the word Iconoclasm as follows:

1. the practice of destroying images, especially those created for religious veneration.
2. the practice of opposing cherished beliefs or traditional institutions as being founded on error or superstition.
3. the doctrines underlying these practices. — iconoclast, n. — iconoclastic, adj.

It's odd that the proper definition does not reflect how the word is typically used today. To us, an iconoclast is someone that sees the world differently and acts to make that different world a reality. In other words, it's someone that possesses a new and fresh perspective on how something works and brings it to life.

Iconoclasts don't always become legends. In fact, after looking at the definitions of the word, most iconoclasts could be called criminals or villains. How can one word represent two opposing meanings like that?

To me, an iconoclast is a visionary. To me, an iconoclast is someone that can make the world a better place. That's why I am taking a stand to have the Dictionary definition of the world changed to reflect how we've been using it. After all, aren't there already enough words that represent negativity out there?