Social Media Trolling: Wrigley's

In the second edition of "Social Media Trolling," I target Wrigley's and their Doublemint Gum brand to try to find out what every R&B fan in the world has been wondering for the last few years.... Did they pay Chris Brown to use their tagline in his hit song "Forever?"


I think we all assume the answer is yes since he was in a commercial for them, but I wanted a clear confirmation from the horse's mouth. Unfortunately, I didn't receive any sort of response on either Facebook nor Twitter. Perhaps it was my tone...?

So, there has been two attempts to garner a response from a company via social media and two cases of complete avoidance. I think next week, I'll lighten the mood a bit in hopes that we procure our first actual response. If not, this column will become increasingly boring with time.

Until next week...