Social Media Trolling: Red Sox

I've trolled an MLB baseball team in the past. I had grown distraught a few weeks back when my Atlanta Braves not only were eliminated from the playoffs, but also failed to respond to my social media reactions to their loss. My family also happens to be huge Boston Red Sox fans. Since they are now in the World Series, I figured it would be a good time to solicit them for some sort of response.

While I recognize that the volume of mentions coming into their team must be insurmountable, I can't help but feel disappointed (once again) that a major organization isn't acknowledging tweets and status updates calling them out.

Here's how the tweet looked:


How do you not respond to something so creative and witty? I basically just handed them a multi-million dollar t-shirt idea and what do they do....? Nothing. That's what they did.

Hopefully they don't disappoint me twice by winning the World Series.

Let's go Sox!