Social Media Trolling: Motel 6

In my attempt to be social online again, I'm trying a new thing where I reach out to a company via a social network to see if and how they respond to it. My goal is to measure the best practices (or lack thereof) that exist in the marketplace today. To boot, I've decided to leverage this column as an outlet for my unusual, and often sick, sense of humor to do what it wants. Therefore, there are no boundaries. Aside from cursing and being completely inappropriate, my outreach may tiptoe along a controversial grey area.

But that's the point, right? I'm trying to garner responses here.

For the first issue of this series, I'll call out the hotel company, Motel 6. Last week on Facebook, I tagged them in an update that looked like this:


While I was able to obtain an onslaught of likes on the post, nobody from Motel 6 took advantage of the opportunity to further develop their catchy tagline to a captive audience awaiting a response (me).

Certainly, I won't hold it against them so much so that I won't stay in their rooms while traveling, however, I will now wonder if they truly do "leave a light on for you."