Social Media Trolling: Dr. Pepper

This week, I had an appointment with my awesome dentist that happens to be named Dr. Pepper. Since I'm already so in love with that, I figured the well-known beverage company would be delighted to hear such a coincidence at all. In fact, I expected them to even honor my oral hygienist. Once again, the toothbrush was dropped. How in the world do you monitor a Twitter and Facebook account, see something like this, and decide to leave it alone?:


Instead of being just a mediocre soda company, aspire to be approachable and leverage your fans' excitement about your brand - no matter what it's regarding.

They're lucky I'm not a soda drinker. If I were, I would probably just start avoiding their product like they did my tweet. Lucky for them, they're not losing a fan here, but maybe the power of social media (and this post) will help them come to some sort of realization.