Social Media Trolling: Disney

You'd think a fun and well-branded company like Disney would employ a team large enough to handle whatever types of social commentary were coming into their queue in real-time. After all, people are experiencing a large breadth of their products and offerings in real-time and it has always been in Disney's best interest to ensure satisfaction. So why then didn't they answer my tweet and Facebook post so obviously posed to them for a direct response?

Here's how the tweet looked:


Are companies afraid to answer a question incorrectly? In other words, is the lowly social media manager not allowed to comment on some ongoing issues. If not, why not? If so, what are the guidelines?

It's best practice in social media to at least acknowledge your fans/users even if you don't have an immediate (or correct) answer. In this instance, it would have been far more helpful to everyone if I received a response that said "We're not commenting about that project just yet." rather than what is taking place now, which is my disappoint in the company's organizational and social workflow.

Will this convince me to stay away from Disney? Of course not. Will this allow me to use their brand as a poor example of a social brand? Absolutely!