Social Media Trolling: AMC (Breaking Bad)

As many of us have experienced personally, Breaking Bad has come to a dramatic and sad conclusion. Leading up to last week's finale, I reached out to AMC's Twitter and Facebook accounts to try to start some commotion around the forthcoming final episode. I was upset when I only received one random fan's opinion on the Facebook post. I got nothing on Twitter and nothing from AMC. Of course I understand that they must have been busier than ever last week, but how amazing would it be if they indulged their shows' fans by engaging in interesting conversations that keep the fans involved. Even better - now that the show is over, they'd have an opportunity to keep fans around and engaged in further conversation. It seems they're missing out on the potential.

Here's what it looked like on Twitter:


At the end of the day, my obsession for Breaking Bad will outweigh their lack of SM response last week. However, I do hope they use the SM accounts to keep the show alive well beyond it's airtime.