Social Media Profile PageRank

I'm not sure if I am late or very early to this finding, but I noticed something very interesting last week.

Upon visiting my Facebook profile, I noticed something different on my toolbar. The Google PageRank toolbar that I use changed and was showing a PR of 3/10. Previously, the PageRank would either be 0 or the elusive 10/10 that the domain yields.

This discovery made me very curious. I quickly jumped over to my Twitter profile and noticed that it featured an outstanding 5/10 ranking. Then, I saw my LinkedIn come in with a 2/10.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that understands how meaningful this is to the future of social media. If Google is going to start treating internal social profiles with as much weight as personal domain names, even more value and an endless amount of opportunities are going to exist in social media in the future.

For me, I can attribute my high PageRanks to both the length of time I have been on these sites (very early for all of them) and the fact that I link to each of my profiles from my personal websites whenever I can.

However, what is most curious to me is the fact that one of my profiles can have a higher PageRank than my highest ranked personal website. Is this the result of all of the Twitter aggregation sites that RT my posts? Hmmmmmm....

What do you guys think of this discovery? Did you already figure this out? What are your profile PageRanks? Leave a comment below.