Social Media in the Year 2030

The year is 2030. Everything around human life has advanced drastically. Technology, creativity, and the Internet. Communication is much different than it was twenty years ago. Everyone functions alongside their personal devices. Every move is monitored. All activities are tracked and reported.

Twenty years ago, social media was still an exciting phenomenon for commerce. That was fun while it lasted. Until it spun out of control and our systems didn't know how to interact with all of the information being shared. It only took a few years for social media to become a standard practice for everybody. Thus, the levels of over-sharing and the aggregation of pointless information became far more than what anyone ever wanted.

There were too many broadcasters. Too many blog posts. Too many tweets. Too many status updates.

Not only was it impossible for humans to catch up with all of this information, but the debate began on how to minimize the less important materials and highlight the portions that were head-turning and newsworthy. Since everyone has essentially adapted to consuming their news in some digital format by now, this issue has become an ongoing debate. Almost a verbal war. Talks of monetization. Egos flying everywhere. How does one create the illusion of importance anymore?

Here we are today in 2030 with more outrageous problems than anyone ever could have predicted. My children, the eldest whom has just graduated (online) high school has been calling me out on some of my tweets from the glory days of 2008-2010 and asking me what some of my status updates meant from the year 2020. Needless to say, the archiving of our every thought and activity has created a society consumed by the past; yet worried of a future that is approaching faster than it should be.

The last 20+ years have been great for me. Unfortunately (and fortunately), my entire adolescent life can be read and critiqued like that of a novel. If I knew that everyone would know EVERYTHING about me 20 years ago, I might have reconsidered publicly displaying my location, my disgust in the Government, and how much I enjoy Apple products.

All of this shared information is being used against people today in the year 2030.

Chaos has ensued.

Something has to give.