What do you guys use to customize and then print your photographs?

Most people take their photos and upload them to Facebook these days, but you shouldn't stop there. A little more research will show you that it doesn't have to stop there. There are so many great tools out there that let you extract those memories and transform them into tangible items that you can look at in real life.

One good example of this is my wife and her obsession with Instragram. She frequently posts photos there. Then, she found a website called "StickyGrams." The website allowed her to scan all of her Instragram photos and create stickers and/or magnets out of them. For our refrigerator, she printed out dozens of her favorite photos and decorated the front doors accordingly. It actually looks really cool and is a pleasure to look at every time I get some food or drink from the kitchen.

The same thing works for Facebook. A website called Snapfish allows you to do anything you want to your photos (it even imports from Facebook). Of course, if you print out and have high-quality pictures sent to you, it's going to cost money. However, I recently stumbled on a resource that offers an excellent snapfish coupon that is great to use when testing out the service for the first time.

After you get and use the snapfish coupon code, I'm pretty sure you'll be addicted to the service, just like how my wife is now addicted to using Stickygrams. She's already mentioned that she was going to print out some more for our bathroom mirror.

I don't even want to mention the above Snapfish discounts to her at this point. I'm worried that my entire house will be filled with pictures that she is posting all over the web.