Signs That Your Online Crush Is Still Secretly Married

Online dating has become the favored way for Americans to date, not just because of its convenience, but because it’s easy to filter out the bad matches. But as good as the matching algorithms have become, no one has yet to devise a software program that identifies bald-faced liars. Sadly for those who go online to find an honest relationship, a small percentage of online daters falsely present themselves as single so they can have affairs with unsuspecting partners. Don’t be duped by unfaithful online daters. Look for these signs that your digital love interest takes a wedding ring off when they leave the house.

1) Their Public Records Reveal That They’re Married

Unfortunately for married people who want to use online dating sites to have extramarital dalliances, marriage records are a matter of public record. That means anyone who wants to can look up real marriage records by using an online service like Instant Checkmate. It’s hard to deny that you have a spouse when it’s right there in black and white.

And what if they claim that they were married, but have since divorced? While online public records aren’t 100% accurate, if they have actually finalized a divorce that should be recorded in public records as well.

2) All Of Their Photographs Are Very Poor

Possibly the person you’re interested in just isn’t much of a photographer. But it’s also possible they don’t want to be recognized by people they know in real life. If the selfies on their profile are very dark or all have their face obscured in some way, it might be because they’re hiding something big.

3) They Don’t Reveal Where They Live

It’s natural to be weary of giving up your personal address when you first meet online. But as you get more comfortable with somebody (maybe you even go on a few dates) it’s a little fishy when they don’t want to divulge their residence. A pattern of secrecy and keeping seemingly innocuous details private means that they aren’t telling you the whole story.

4) They Communicate Erratically

Are they incommunicado for days as a time, and then suddenly they have all the time in the world for you? Does every call you make to them get transferred to voicemail? Cheaters, fearful of getting caught, will often only communicate with you when they know their calls won’t be overheard. That can lead to them occasionally falling off the map with no explanation.

5) You Never Meet Their Friends And Family

If you have already met in person and gone a few dates, it’s only natural to become a part of someone’s social life. Whether it’s meeting friends at a bar or siblings for a dinner, someone who isn’t ashamed to be dating you should have no problem introducing you to their inner circle. But someone who wants to keep their online romance on the down low will keep their dating life and their personal life separate. If they keep making up excuses about why you can’t see their friends and family, it might be because you are their dirty little secret.

Jay Richards is a blogger living in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He writes about online dating, romance, and social media.