= An Admin's Nirvana

I admittedly spend WAYYYY too much time doing administrative work for my businesses. I'm not an Accountant or paper filer, I'm an Entrepeneur and Business Owner (I actually despised Accounting classes in college and frequently tell my Accountant that I feel bad for him). Running numbers and getting organized is a pain. But it's essential and one of the most important components of your business. Without some sort of organization in tact, your company will inevitably fall apart. That's just the way it goes.

Shoeboxed has given me some new found freedom from all of the aforementioned work that I despise so much.

At an affordable monthly rate, you are sent a handful of paid-for return Shoeboxed envelopes that you can fill with receipts, business cards, and other paperwork that needs to be organized and/or digitized, that you then send back to their headquarters to allow them to do all of the magic for you.

In actuality, this relationship is a dream come true. Now I can spend more time running my businesses and being creative, and less time doing all of the tasks that I hate.