Schedule Tight? Just Write on Sunday Night!

Let’s face it. Blogging can be extremely time consuming. Especially considering the fact that if your blogs are worth reading that it probably means you live a busy and fascinating life. Throughout your struggles blogging, have you been searching for a solution, or technique, on how to continue pumping out content no matter how much your schedule prohibits you?

Logan Lenz Writing

The simple solution to this problem is in setting pending posts. No matter what application you use (Blogger, Wordpress, Drupal, etc.), there is an option for the writer to establish a future day and time for the post to be published. If you feel like you need to release 2 to 3 blog posts a week, why not finish all of them at the same time – when you are in “the writing mode.” No distractions – just pen to paper (figuratively, of course).

Although this blog site is new-ish for me, I write a lot. Often times it’s for a client, sometimes it’s for business plans, corporate assets…. You get the point. I don’t have much time throughout the week to stop everyday to-dos to pen an idea that just came to me. Instead, I keep a bank of post ideas and reach into that bank on Sunday nights – the night that my brain relaxes most.

Writing posts on Sunday night give you the freedom to strategize your content throughout the entire week. After they are written, you really have a few options depending on which application you use. You can either publish your posts right then and there (this gives your subscribers early dibs and bragging rights), set a specific day and time within the post settings, or save it as a draft and log back in to publish and optimize whenever you feel the need to.

No matter what you choose, you are in control. A cool feature to know about can be found within the popular Twitter application, Hootsuite (I’m sure others have this feature as well). Within the app, you can set a pending tweet so that the blog post is promoted whenever you want it to be. And if you’re like me, you have your Twitter updates connected to all of your other networks and sites.


The end result is that your blog post has two separate releases – one for your hardcore fans and one for your new fans. All of this is possible simply by being more productive and writing your content all at once – on Sunday nights!

Note: This blog post was written on Sunday, August 2nd at 8:59pm.