Sample Web 2.0 Marketing Outline

Before we even take on a new client at Endagon Innovations, we must realize and understand the company's current resources, goals, demographics, and limitations (if any). Therefore, we usually offer a free website assessment and questionnaire meeting to go over all of the facets of their business. Once both parties agree to move forward, the fun begins to kick in. The first step in developing an all-inclusive and dynamic campaign is to analyze every aspect of a potential strategy and put it down on paper. That way, all ideas are on the floor and the marketers can then pick and choose a hierarchy in which to carry out the functions.

Since Endagon Innovations usually carries out all components of a new media campaign, we must evaluate social media, blogging, SEO, mobile, and basic Internet tactics to pick out what will align most with the company's goals.

It is a tedious process, but that is why we have become experts at it. We've done it so many times.

For your entertainment (and potential use), I am offering a sample outline that our company has put together that encompasses a solid online campaign that caters best to a medium to large sized business.

You can read and download the outline here.

You're welcome.