Rock for Hunger Fest 4

Most of you should already know that next weekend is Rock for Hunger's biggest fundraiser of the year. It's the 4th installment of Rock For Hunger Fest. The organization is looking to see over 1,000 fans, volunteers and supporters listening to some great music to help our mission downtown on Pine Street. This year, once they hit the 1,000 ticket sold mark, they will be able to go ahead with plans to open the 1st Rock For Hunger Dreams Center in Q1 of 2010. This has been their goal for quite some time and now you can help make that possible by going to a rock concert with your friends and family.

Tickets are only $10 to see 20 bands perform on 3 stages, win raffle prizes, purchase all new Rock For Hunger t-shirts and grab a copy of the new issue of Talk For Hunger.

The event is all ages.

The following was emailed out from Rock for Hunger's VP, Greg Rollett:

By getting together to support Rock For Hunger, you are helping those that want a better life for themselves. The ones that missed one paycheck too many. The mothers on the streets with their young children. The kids in low income housing that cannot afford to join little league. We are giving them hope, direction and the resources they need to become Rock Stars in their own right.

Join us at Rock For Hunger Fest 4, and celebrate the new age of change in Orlando! P.S. Buy your tickets now at Then, join RFH on Facebook (search for Rock For Hunger) and Twitter @rfhfest.

Visit Rock for Hunger's official website at:

Rock for Hunger Fest 4